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Country statistics Egypt
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Flag Egypt
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Capital:   Cairo
Country names:

Conventional long form   Arab Republic of Egypt
Conventional short form   Egypt
Local long form   Jumhuriyat Misr al-Arabiyah
Lokal short form   Misr
Former   United Arab Republic (with Syria)

Main language   Arabic, Egyptian Spoken
Total number of people using the Language in all countries   42,500,000
Other languages   Adyghe, Albanian Tosk, Amharic, Arabic East Egyptian Bedawi spoken, Arabic Egyptian spoken, Arabic Libyan spoken, Arabic Moroccon spoken, Arabic Sa idi spoken, Arabic South Levantine spoken, Arabic Standard, Arabic Sudan spoken, Armenian, Bedawi, Domari, Greek, Italian, Kenuzi dongola, Nobiin, Oromo West Central, Siwi
Language alternates:   Arabic Western Egyptian Bedawi Spoken, Bedawi, Fadicca, Fadicha, Fadija, Fedicca, Fedija, Fiadidja, Fiyadikkya, Levantine Bedawi Arabic, Libyan Spoken Arabic, Lower Egypt Arabic, Maghrebi Arabic, Mahas, Metoki, Nile Nubian, Normal Egyptian Arabic, Oasis Berber, Sa
Dialects:   Cairene Arabic, Dongola, Eastern Libyan Arabic, Helebi, Kenuz, Middle Egypt Arabic, Nawar, North Delta Arabic, North Levantine Bedawi Arabic, Northeast Egyptian Bedawi Arabic, South Central Delta Arabic, South Levantine Bedawi Arabic, Southern Libyan Arabic, Tripolitanian Arabic, Upper Egypt Arabic, Western Egyptian Bedawi Arabic
Dialect alternates:   Ghagar, Kenuzi, Kenzi, Kunuzi

Domain   .eg
Internet users   560,000 (2001)
Internet Service Providers (ISPs)   50 (2000)

Geographic coordinates   27 00 N, 30 00 E
Area (sq km)   1,001,450.0
Land boundaries (km)   2,665.0

Currency   Egypt Pounds
International identification letter for vehicles   ET
Gross domestic product (US $)   258 Bio. (2001*)
Industrial production growth rate (%)   1.8% (2001*)
Imports (US $)
  164 Bio. (f.o.b.. 2001*)
Inflation rate   2.3% (2001)

Population   70,712,345
Age structure (%)    
  -   0 - 14 years
  33.96% (M: 12,292,185; F: 11,721,469)
  - 15 - 64 years
  62.18% (M: 22,190,637; F: 21,775,504)
  - 65 years and over   3.86% (M: 1,191,091; F: 1,541,459)
Labor force   20.6 Mio. (2001*)
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