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Flag Canada
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Capital:   Ottawa
Country names:

Conventional long form  
Conventional short form   Canada
Local long form  
Lokal short form  

Main language   English
Total number of people using the Language in all countries   322,000,000
Other languages   Afrikaans, Albanian Tosk, Algonquin, American Sign Language, Arabic Judeo Moroccon, Arabic Najdi spoken, Armenian, Assyrian Neo Aramaic, Atikamekw, Babine, Belarusan, Blackfoot, Bulgarian, Carrier, Chaldean Neo Aramaic, Chilcotin, Chinese Yue, Chipewyan, Corsican, Cree Moose, Cree Plains, Cree Swampy, Cree Woods, Czech, Dakota, Danish, Dogrib, Dutch, East Island Cree, Eastcoast Cree, English, Estonian, Farsi West, Finnish, French, Frisisch West, Galician Irish, Galician Scottish, German Hutterite, German Pennsylvania, German Standard, Greek, Haiti Creole French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Inuktitut East Canada, Inuktitut West Canada, Inupiatun North Alaska, Italian, Iu Mien, Jamaican Creole English, Japanese, Kashubian, Korean, Lakota, Lao, Le, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malecite passamaquoddy, Maltese, Micmac, Mohawk, Montagnais, Naskapi, Nisga a, Norwegian Bokmal, Nung, Ojibwa East, Ojibwa Northwest, Ojibwa West, Panjabi East, Panjabi West, Plattdeutsch, Polish, Pontic, Portuguese, Romani, Romani Vlax, Russian, Serbo-croatian, Sinhala, Slavey South, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Stoney, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Turoyo, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish East
Other languages:   Algonkin, Atihkamekw, Atikamek, Attikamek, Attimewk, Babine Carrier, Blackfeet, Central Carrier, Coastal East Cree, Dene, Dené, East Coastal Cree, East Cree, East Inland Cree, Eastern Arctic eskimo, Eastern Canadian eskimo, Hutterian German, Inland East Cree, Innu, Innu Aimun, Innu Aimuun, Inuit, Inupiaq, Low German, Mackenzian, Mennonite German, Mennoniten Platt, Mi'gmaw, Miigmao, Mi'kmaw, Nakoda, Nass, Nishga, Nishka, Niska, Nisk'a, Northern Carrier, Northern Ojibwa, Ojibway, Ojibwe, Pennsylvanisch, Pikanii, Plains Ojibway, Restigouche, Saulteaux, Slave, Slavi, Stony, Tête De Boule, Tirolean, Tyrolese, Tzilkotin, West Main Cree, West Shore Cree, Western Cree, York Cree
Dialects:   Acadian, Albany River Ojibwa, Amish Pennsylvania German, Baffinland eskimo, Berens River Ojibwa, Blood, Caribou Eskimo, Copper Inuktitut, Dakota, Detah-ndilo, Doukhobour Russian, Eastern Montagnais, Eastern Naskapi, Eastern Swampy Cree, Franco-ontarien, Labrador eskimo, Lac Seul Ojibwa, Lake Of The Woods Ojibwa, Malecite, Nakota, Netsilik, Newfoundland English, Non-amish Pennsylvania German, North Slope Inupiatun, Northern Micmac, Northern Stony, Passamaquoddy, Piegan, Plains Cree, Quebec eskimo, Quebeicois, Rainy River Ojibwa, Siglit, Southern Micmac, Southern Stoney, Vancouver Cantonese, West Arctic Inupiatun, Western Montagnais, Western Naskapi, Western Swampy Cree, Western York Cree, Yellowknife
Other dialects:   Acadien, Copper Eskimo, Copper Inuit, Innu, Keewatin, Mackenzie Delta Inupiatun, Mackenzie Inupiatun, Maliseet, Pennsylvanisch Deitsch, Santee, Saulteaux, Yankton

Domain   .ca
Internet users   14.44 Mio. (2001)
Internet Service Providers (ISPs)   760 (2000)

Geographic coordinates   60 00 N, 95 00 W
Area (sq km)   9,976,140.0
Land boundaries (km)   8,893.0

Currency   Canadian Dollar
International identification letter for vehicles   CDN
Gross domestic product (US $)   875 Bio. (2001*)
Industrial production growth rate (%)   0.5% (2001*)
Imports (US $)
  238.3 Bio. (f.o.b.. 2001*)
Inflation rate   2.8% (2001*)

Population   31,902,268
Age structure (%)    
  -   0 - 14 years
  18.7% (M: 3,059,023; F: 2,910,203)
  - 15 - 64 years
  68.4% (M: 10,975,701; F: 10,857,869)
  - 65 years and over   12.9% (M: 1,743,654; F: 2,355,818)
Labor force   16.4 Mio. (2001*)
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