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Flag Italy
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Capital:   Rome
Country names:

Conventional long form   Italian Republic
Conventional short form   Italy
Local long form   Republica Italiana
Lokal short form   Italia
Former   Kingdom of Italy

Main language   Italian
Total number of people using the Language in all countries   37,000,000
Other languages   Albanian Arbëreshë, Arabic Judeo tripolitanian, Arabic Judeo Tunisian, Assyrian Neo Aramaic, Cimbrian, Corsican, Emiliano romagnolo, English, Franco provençal, French, Friulian, German Standard, Greek, Italian, Katalanian valencian balear, Ladin, Ligurian, Lombard, Maltese, Mócheno, Napoletano calabrese, Piemontese, Provençal, Romani Balkan, Romani Sinte, Romani Vlax, Sardinian Logudorese, Serbo-croatian, Sicilian, Slovenian, Somali, Venetian, Walser
Other languages:   Arbëreshë, Calabro-sicilian, Central Sardinian, Dolomite, Emilian, Emiliano, Frioulan, Frioulian, Friulano, Furlan, Italiano, Ligure, Líguru, Logudorese, Lombardo, Neapolitan-calabrese, Piedmontese, Piemontèis, Priulian, Provenzale, Sammarinese, Sard, Sardarese, Tzimbro, Veneto, Zimbrisch
Dialects:   Abruzzese, Algherese, Alpine Lombard, Ampezzano, Arlija, Aspromonte, Atesino, Badiotto, Barbaricino, Bergamasco, Bisiacco, Cadorino, Calabrian Albanian, Campo Marino Albanian, Carnico, Celle San Vito, Central Emiliano, Central Marchigiano, Central Metafonetica, Central Mountain Albanian, Cicolano-reatino-aquilano, Cividale, Croatian, East Central Friulian, Eastern Emiliano, Eastern Lombard, Eastern Nonmetafonetica, Faeto, Fassano, Fierozzo, Frassilongo, Gardena, Genoese, High Piemontese, Isole Eolie, Istrian, Kalderash, Latin Anaunico, Latin Fiamazzo, Laziale, Livinallese, Lovari, Low Piemontese, Lunigiano, Lusernese Cimbrian, Manouche, Mantovano, Marebbano, Messinese, Milanese, Molisano, Napoletano, Nones, Northern Calabrese-lucano, Northern Logudorese, Northern Romagnolo, Novarese Lombard, Nuorese, Palu, Pantesco, Piedmont Sinti, Primorski, Pugliese, Resia, Salento, Sette Comuni Cimbrian, Sicilian Albanian, Slovenian-croatian, Southeast Metafonetica, Southern Calabro, Southern Romagnolo, Southwestern Logudorese, Ticinese, Transalpin, Tredici Communi Cimbrian, Trentino Western, Triestino, Tuscan, Umbrian, Valle D'aosta, Venetian Proper, Vogherese-pavese, Western Emiliano, Western Friulian, Western Lombard, Western Sicilian
Other dialects:   Basilicatan, Central-western Agrigentino, Erli, Faetar, Florutz, Gardenese, Genoan, Genovese, Gereut, Grüdno, Lucanian, Neapolitan, Nicosia, Nones Blot, Nonese, Nonesh, Novara, Palai, Palermo, Parlata Trentina, Patoe Valdoten, Piazza Armerina, San Fratello, Tauch, Ticino, Tirrenic, Trapani, Valdostano, Valdotain

Domain   .it
Internet users   19.25 Mio. (2001)
Internet Service Providers (ISPs)   93 (2000)

Geographic coordinates   42 50 N, 12 50 E
Area (sq km)   301,230.0
Land boundaries (km)   1,932.2

Currency   Euro
International identification letter for vehicles   I
Gross domestic product (US $)   1,402 Bio. (2001*)
Industrial production growth rate (%)   -0.4% (2001)
Imports (US $)
  226 Bio. (f.o.b.. 2001*)
Inflation rate   2.7% (2001)

Population   57,715,625
Age structure (%)    
  -   0 - 14 years
  14.1% (M: 4,198,569; F: 3,954,159)
  - 15 - 64 years
  67.3% (M: 19,334,208; F: 19,492,048)
  - 65 years and over   18.6% (M: 4,436,073; F: 6,300,568)
Labor force   23.6 Mio. (2001*)
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